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Releasing at Kvdcars - lease your next used car

Releasing means that you lease a used car and, as a private individual or as a company, it provides you with a simple, safe and flexible car ownership.

Advantages of Releasing at Kvdcars

  • Monthly fixed payments only - no down payment
  • Security – warranty included throughout the leasing period
  • Flexibility – you choose the leasing period and mileage
  • No need to worry about the rest value of the car

Simple and safe without a down payment

With Releasing at Kvdcar you pay monthly for your car ownership, without the need for a down payment. You choose the mileage and length of the leasing period - 12, 24 or 36 months. This means you can adapt your car ownership according to your needs and life situation, and don’t have to commit yourself longer than necessary.
You don’t need to worry about the rest value of the car either – when the leasing period is over, you simply return the car to us. So with Releasing at Kvdcars, you can change cars a bit more often!

To make your car ownership as secure as possible, warranty is included during the entire leasing period.

We offer Releasing of carefully selected cars – in general, former company cars that have been on the road for 1-3 years. These cars are in good condition and have been maintained and serviced well by their former owners.

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How to "re-lease" a car from Kvdcars

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  1. Choose a car that is available for Releasing
  2. Be the highest bidder at the auction.
  3. Choose to "re-lease" the car when we contact you

    Read more about Releasing here (in Swedish)

Car warranty included – protection in case of unforeseen events

At Kvdcars, we like to give you simple and secure car ownership. When you "re-lease" a car with Kvdcars therefore, a car warranty is included through our partner Svensk Bilgaranti throughout the leasing period (but only up to 200 000 km). The warranty protects you in case of unforeseen events, such as damage to the engine, gearbox and exhaust system. There is no excess to pay and if anything should happen, the cost of recovery is included.

Read more about our car warranty here (in Swedish)

Our offer of Releasing is made in collaboration with our partner [Autolease], one of Scandinavia's largest players in operational car leasing and fleet management. Autolease is part of the bank DNB.


What is Releasing?
Releasing means leasing of a used car. Just like leasing a new car, you pay monthly to the leasing provider (our partner Autolease) for the right to use the car and return it to Kvdcars at the end of the leasing period.

How long can I lease the car?
When you "re-lease" a car from Kvdcars, you can choose a leasing period of 12, 24 or 36 months.

What is included in the monthly cost?

  • Financing without down payment
  • Car warranty for the entire leasing period
  • No worries about the rest value of the car

What affects the monthly cost?
The leasing cost will be affected by the car's sale price, leasing period, mileage and interest rate.

Is car insurance included?
As a lessee, you are responsible for taking out insurance and keeping the car fully insured throughout the leasing period, which you pay for yourself. When you "re-lease" a car at Kvdcars, 7 days of comprehensive insurance is included, after which you must make sure the car is comprehensively insured yourself

Is servicing of the car included?
As a lessee, you are responsible for caring for and servicing of the car in accordance with the manufacturer's and the general agent's directions and service plan, which you pay for yourself. You are responsible for, If necessary, replacement of consumables and wearing parts. A service agreement is therefore not included.

Are there any additional costs during the leasing period?
Just like when you finance your car purchase with a loan, the following costs will be incurred during the leasing period, which as a lessee, you pay for yourself:

  • Car insurance (comprehensive)
  • Maintenance and service
  • MOT (besiktning)
  • Road tax and any congestion charges
  • Replacement of wearing parts and consumables as necessary

What happens if I drive more than the agreed mileage?
When you re-lease a car at Kvdcars, you decide which annual mileage is best for you. If you drive further than the agreed mileage, there will be an additional charge of between SEK 5-24 for each 10 kilometres over the annual mileage. The cost depends on the leasing cost and the purchase price of the car.

What happens if the car is damaged?
If the car is damaged, in addition to what can be considered normal wear and tear, you must get it repaired through your insurance company before the car is returned to Kvdcars. See Motorbranschens Riksförbund more information about normal wear and tear. (In Swedish)

Can I drive abroad with the car?
Yes, you can drive your car abroad. If the car is going to be used outside of the Nordic countries, you should in advance contact Autolease in order to get a power of attorney. Also contact your insurance company to obtain a "green card" and part one (the blue part) of the registration papers.

To receive a power of attorney please contact

Do I get all the tires I need?
Yes, you get complete sets of tires with the car (summer and winter tires). However, tires are worn and depending on how much they are used, the using period varies. You, as a lessee, are responsible for driving with tires with approved tread depth, and you pay for any tire changes during the lease period if necessary. The condition of the tires that come with the car are always shown on the car's presentation page.

When returning the car, the tires are checked. If the condition is substandard or below the legal standard, you will be charged for a new set that meets the legal requirements.

What happens if the car breaks down?
If the car breaks down during the leasing period, you must primarily turn to our partner Svensk Bilgaranti. If you are a private person, It can be nice to know that Kvdcars considers re-leasing as a “consumer purchase”. That means that if there are any hidden faults on the car at the start of the leasing period, we will handle it according to law of consumer purchase.

Components that are expected to wear as part of normal use (e.g. brake pads, brake discs, etc.) are not covered by the car warranty, and any need for replacement of such parts is paid for by you as a lessee.

If you feel unsure about what applies in your situation, please do not hesitate to contact the Kvdcars Customer Centre and we will help you.

Can I cancel the leasing contract prematurely?
Premature cancellation of the leasing period can be arranged.In case of early termination, you need to pay the first 12 leases, then 35% of the remaining leases. If the termination takes place when it is three months or less on the lease, you need to pay 100% of the remaining lease rent. You return the car to Kvdcars after the cancellation.

What happens when the leasing period is over?
We will contact you in good time before the lease expires and inform you of what you need to do to prepare for returning the car. Then we together book a time for handing in the car at one of Kvdcar's facilities. Upon return, we will review the condition of the car and compare with the condition of the car at the beginning of the lease period. If there are unresolved damages, in addition to normal wear and tear, you are charged for these by Autolease.

You are not charged for normal wear and tear or any damage that occurred on the car at the beginning of the lease period. For information on what counts as normal wear and tear, see Motorbranschens Riksförbund (In Swedish).

Then you hand over the keys to us, and we take care of the rest.

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