Customer information regarding Corona

__Kvdcars follow the Swedish government guidelines regarding the Corona virus/CONVID-19. On this page we have gathered information on our changed routines. __

Are you open for business?

Yes, we are open as usual. Both in regards to our Customer Service Center and our facilities around Sweden. Please note that we have updated our routines on and around the facilities. *See full info down below. *

Can I pick up and hand in my car as usual?

You can pick up and hand in your car just as you normally would, Monday to Friday. Please check our opening ours here. For added safety for all, we have updated our routines at our facilities.

Our temporaly routines for car hand in and pick up:

  • If you experience any symptoms we will help you to create a document with power of attorney, ready for someone else to pick up or hand in your car for you
  • We avoid physical contact and wash our hands frequenlty
  • We ask you, the customer, to wait in the reception area - and not to come with us into the office
  • Regarding transport: We can not transport cars with alcohol lock från Gotland to the mainland

Contact us

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Call us at 010 167 3000 or send us an email