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Volkswagen TransporterT5 2.0 Ecofuel Pickup

2013/64 860 km/Petrol/Methane/Manual
Price at car dealership
110 000 kr
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72 500 kr
With car loan from933 kr/mth
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Volkswagen Transporter
Volkswagen Transporter
Leading bid:72 500kr

Kvdcars assessment

“En Volkswagen Transporter från 2013 med bensin/gas-motor. Utrustad med bland annat dragkrok.”

The result from the KVD-test

Our vehicle technicians have tested the car on more than 170 points and noted both approved points and eventual remarks. This gives you a good and fair picture of the car.

Engine and gearbox

No remarks


No remarks

Technology and equipment

- "Service lamp on, Elspegel vänster glas tejpat samt hela spegeln lös/vibrerar" -


- "Skada stötfångare fram, Stenskott vindruta utanför synfält, Skada höger framdörr, Flertal stenskott, dörruppslag, bucklor och repor, Bilen är folierad, Spår efter tidigare dekor" -


- "Klädsel skadad, fram, Klädsel smutsig, fram" -


  • Unstudded winter tyres(Mounted)
    6 mm
    6 mm
    6 mm
    7 mm
    16" Metal rim
    A winter tyre must have at least 3 mm tread depth. A new winter tyre have around 9-10 mm tread depth.


  • Traction control
    Help system that prevents wheels from spinning
  • Remote lock
    Enables you to open and lock the car from a distance
  • Radio
    Radio player
  • Power window front
    Electronic window lift front
  • Power mirrors
    Electronically adjustable door mirrors
  • Heated front seats
    Different levels of heat in the front seats, set with a button
  • Fastmonterad dragkrok
  • Engine heater
    Electronic engine heater that plugs in with a cable
  • Deactivating passenger airbag
    Possibility to enable or disable the passenger airbag
  • Cruise control
    Electronic system that maintains programmed speed
  • Anti-skid system
    A system that detects if the car is skidding. By applying the brakes on individual wheels, the car is stabilised and the skid prevented. Also called ESP.
  • AUX input
    Stereo connection of mobile device
  • AC
    Air conditioning without the ability to automatically adjust the temperature

Car facts

  • Previous owners


  • License number


  • Model year


  • Odometer reading

    64 860 km

  • First date in traffic


  • Service history

    Service utförd vid följande mil: 906, 1938, 3424, 4304, 6126 senast 2021-01-14

  • Gearbox


  • Number of seats


  • Number of keys


  • Color


  • Finish


  • Textile

    Partial leather

  • New car warranty

    Not examined

  • Collision warranty

    Not examined

  • Tax fee (yearly)

    1295 SEK

Technical data

  • Chassis number


  • Engine effect (petrol)

    116 hp (85 kW)

  • Max payload

    860 kg

  • Max pull weight

    750 kg

  • Consumption (combined)

    10,9 l/100 km

  • CO2-emission (petrol)

    254 g/km

  • Consumption (combined)

    11,0 kbm/100km

  • CO2-emission (methane)

    196 g/km

  • Next inspection at the latest


  • Curb weight

    1 990 kg

  • Tax weight

    2 850 kg

  • Vehicle total weight

    2 850 kg

  • Length

    5,15 m

  • Width

    2,00 m

  • Height

    1,99 m

Other information

  • Sold in sweden


  • Exportable


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23351 Svedala

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